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           PASSIVE  INCOME


We help investors with little to no experience in trucking and logistics to generate revenue and create passive income by leveraging the trucking industry. We help set up the front end of your business by getting your truck, the driver, and all needed permits and documentation. Then we put your truck on our fleet and manage all logistics, dispatching, maintenance, bookkeeping, reports, and more!


ZV Transport offers the #1 profit split structure in the industry, taking 12% of the gross revenue for our logistics services and leaving the remaining 88% to our investors. We also have an operational trucking yard and logistics center. All our investors also love having the GPS system in the vehicle that allows them to pinpoint their truck's exact location at any time. You will also be working with a team that has decades of experience in the trucking industry. You are partnering with like-minded entrepreneurs who are always trying to innovate to make the business more profitable. The best part is that the investor owns the truck, so they get all the tax writeoffs of owning a commercial vehicle.

Risks of the business

We made sure to set a concrete foundation in the trucking industry before opening our doors to investors to scale. Now, there is always a risk that your truck could be in an accident, which might need significant repairs; this is why we pay a premium for full coverage truck insurance to protect your asset well. Anything that requires repairs will be listed as a monthly expense in the maintenance section.

Exit Strategy

You will lease your truck onto our company fleet for a two-year term, open to yearly renovations. Our intention is to work with you for as long as possible, but if at any termination of our 2-years period you would like to exit this industry, you may do so and manage your vehicles yourself or sell your truck for capital back.

Regular Business Operations

Our dispatch team will be assigning loads to your truck to deliver freight around the country for 25-28 days monthly, going from load to load. The loads we book for your truck come from contracts we have secured with major corporations such as Amazon, Costco, Walmart,Target directly distributing freight for them all over the United States. We run different type of trailers to accommodate all types of drivers, therefore increasing our recruiting power.

Average Return on Investment

On average, our investor's vehicles produce $27,000 - $32,000 gross revenue monthly. ZV Transport charges a 12% fee to manage all logistics for you. Then our bookkeeper will pay all other expenses, including driver's salary, fuel cost, travel expenses, GPS, maintenance, insurance, yard fees, factoring, tax, and additional miscellaneous charges. We will then fill out a profit and loss statement recording all gross, expenses, and net income it produced that will average between $500-$1500 weekly Your profit will be deposited into your business account no later than seven calendar days following the previous week.


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